Nonviolenze is a multidisciplinary creative studio integrating Music, Art & Poetry. It is an entertainment company that provide end to end services from conceptualization to composition, orchestration, production and publication.

Nonviolenze provides its audience an integrated experience of music and arts – Songs, Poetry, Paintings and music videos.

As global citizens we increasingly exist in diminishing territorial and psychological borders. The message of unity in diversity is key to the promotion of peace and stability. Unity must be rooted in the trinity of Nonviolence – in thought, Word and Deed.

The end of all knowledge is the understanding that “We are One”. The bigger picture reveals that planet earth is but a spec of the universe. Further zooming out shows us that the universe is a miniscule part of the grand cosmos. Where then does that leave the argument of differences? Does it really matter?

These concepts are expressed by integrating multidimensional art forms where a melody and its poem are extended into a painting, a sketch, a video and its story clearly articulated. The artist is empowered to express complex issues and capture the minds and souls of the audience.

Ahimsa Creations LLC. is an integrated music and arts publishing company formed in 2012. Ahimsa Creations owns the copyrights to over 100 songs, paintings and books. Nonviolenze is a trademark of Ahimsa Creations LLC.

Picture of Shri
SHRI - Founder of Nonviolenze. Multitalented singer, songwriter, composer & artist working under the brand "Nonviolenze". His musical repertoire includes soft rock, jazz rock, progressive rock, jazz fusion and pop.
Picture of Aish Baratan
AISH - Artist & designer whose art encompasses ink & pencil drawings and acrylic paintings primarily in black and white. Her art work is on Nonviolenze’s Single music covers. Aish’s art can be viewed on www.aishbaratan.com and is also on display at the Nonviolenze Art Studio, Houston, TX.
Picture of Dev
DEV - Lead guitarist who is featured in Nonviolenze music. Dev’s style of music includes jazz, jazz rock and jazz fusion.
Picture of Ranjini
RANJINI - Artist & Web Designer. Her journey in painting began in watercolors when she was a child. Ranjini switched from watercolors to painting with acrylics in 2004. Her style ranges from conceptual to abstract and she loves exploring different mediums and compositions. Ranjini's inspirations are sometimes born of visual ideas which she then captures on a canvas. Most of her paintings are a visual expression of the lyrics in Nonviolenze music.
Picture of Nonviolenze logo
NONVIOLENZE LOGO - created by Shri and designed by Aish.
Picture of Aksh
AKSH - Music Composer & Arranger. Aksh is a versatile artist on multiple instruments, namely the piano, keyboards, guitar and guilele.