From thought to thought she skipped and hopped
Tirelessly through the day
The pendulum of thought strikes midnight
Vanishing into the silent night

Sleeps the Queen living in the castle of memories
In momentary peace as memories sleep

Suddenly she opens her eyes
On minds unshaken lake of perception
Soon drizzle thoughts like raindrops
Ripples travel the sea of tranquility

The Queen opens the door
Crashing are the waves
Salty memories on the fabricated shores of illusion

Arrives the Queen, her majesty
The royal Queen, the ghost of Eden

She’s seizing control of your mind
Consciousness and intellect through the senses
Holding you a prisoner and hostage
In the evergreen Garden of Eden

Fortunately or unfortunately she’s your identity
Consciously or unconsciously without her you can never be
Deeper and deeper and deeper
in the salty seas of memories
Back and forth and up and down the seesaw
And round and round the merry-go-round

Beginning from where she ended in the night
The dancing ballet of thoughts on the slippery rocks
Ballet of thoughts, slippery rocks
Right or wrong, involuntarily manipulated

The Queen, all over again
Rejoicing in the game of pleasure and pain
Queen, the royal Queen is in your mind

She’s confiscating your mind
Confiscating your intellect
Confiscating your mind and intellect
Holding you a prisoner and hostage
In the phantom Garden of Eden - Illusion
Back and forth and up and down
And round and round



Asks not the tree your race, cast or creed
Shelter before she gives to thee

Asks not the tree your age and gender
Fruits before she gives to thee

Asks not the tree your ethnicity
Free is her breeze for the weary and needy

Regardless of your species
You’re always treated impartially and equally

Even the enemy basks in her shelter
As he mutilates and uproots her to fill his coffers,
Greedy treasury

Consequence-free is the mighty tree
Her duty done unconditionally

Be like the cosmic energy
Like the space, expand and embrace
Not just a society but the galaxy

Be like the wind that touches thee
The healthy and the sickly

Be like the sun that shines on everyone
Regardless of an atheist, agnostic or a believer

Be like the sea that welcomes every
returning tributary

Just like the tree, can you be
And do your duty unconditionally

Asks not the tree your race, cast or creed
Age and gender neither nor ethnicity

Asks not the tree your religion
Unprejudiced whether you’re rich or poor



Cold bitter winds softly strummed
The strings of my sorrow

A forgotten race
Lay dying from neglect

The concrete foundation grew
Generations of forgotten memories

From goldilocks and fairytales
How did a book open in prayer?
Enchanting hymns of the Savior

Saffron hue and many stone faces
Burning its way across my empty space

Here I am now stumbling against
This wall of stone in my mind
Everyday, in every way

The softly blowing curtains of young love
Touched cold bars

Fanatic or agnostic
What difference does it make?

The children of faith lay murdered
In mass graves of sacred hate



It’s been a long time
Alive and well surely I presume
Can’t even recognize you

Never mind
The story is written
On the wrinkles of your skin

Hang in there my dear friend
You’re never too young or too old to survive
In the matrix

Where are you within the Matrix?
In a tyranny or democracy?
Are you Jew or are you Hindu?
Which denomination are you?

Affluent or impoverished?
Soldier or saint, trader or laborer?
Left or right or in-between?
You’re falling behind in the fight and running out of time?

Institutionalized in the giant matrix
Was the ladder too tall up the narrow Pyramid?

To a better place, to migrate
Rat races and hunger games
To penetrate the circle
At the pinnacle of the triangle

All eyes are on the fortune
Abundance in the hands of a few

Where are you within the Matrix?
Know that you are only where you think you are
You may be higher or lower than where you really are
A prisoner of your own perception

Oblivious that the diamond necklace
Is safely wrapped around your neck
Yet hopelessly you scan the matrix
In panic and in desperation
Up and down, diagonally, from side to side
You hop and you seesaw

On and on and on it goes
The nature of the mind is to divide
Yet another matrix within the matrix
Is the matrix within the pyramid
or the pyramid within the matrix?

Time flies
Perception becomes reality in the matrix

Hold on to the last few
Pieces of sanity you salvage from your broken mind

Nothing lasts forever
Reshuffling are the lines and angles even as we speak



Illusion, from truth a diversion
From the grass to the stars, dancing molecules
From the molecule, the atomic frontier
Vibrations from here are all that appear

And from the atom cease not to fathom
The mansion of the phantom, matter’s foundation
From the celestial dance of the Electron round the proton
Beyond the neutron what’s around?

Only perceptions go round and round
Round and round, round and round
For one philosophy a victory, for another defeat
A graduate from the spiritual school, to the world a crazy fool
And to him from the divine domain, the world insane

Appeared Ether, the fabric of creation
Stillness marks its basic character
Followed the Air with the attribute of movement
Inception of sound from the dance of the Electron

Fire came from the friction of motion
Water with the opposite characteristic
To counter to the constitution of the liquid
Originated land

All these perceptions go round and round
Round and round, round and round
Higher and higher and goes the density
With decreasing electronic frequency

So vibrates the molecules of the stone
Slower than those of the water
Photons of the fire travel quicker through the atmosphere
Moving much faster than the air, ether

Radiation, electronic vibration
Materialization, children of the frequency of movement
Ether, air and fire, water and the earth
The fundamental elements

Evolution of the skeleton and the skin
Senses and the mind, ego and the intellect
From there unknown, perceptions of the spirit
Speculation, religion and philosophy



Kind of like a tiger in a cage pining for the wilderness
Desire for freedom denied
Dancer in the hall is dancing on the broken glass of scrutiny
Unwilling to compromise

(They) never give up
The painter is substituting his anemic blood for red and crimson paint
Up and down the cloud of intoxication
Is that what it feels like to be a slave of the jealous mistress?

Vincent Van Gogh shattered the status quo
His individuality, fearlessly, set free
Even at the cost of his sanity

Proud are the cliffs of tradition mocking the sea of change
Beaten to their knees by the relentless cadence of waves
Hold on, just another minute
Can you wait by the river long enough to see your critics floating by?

How many times has he travelled to the hologram?
Is fate and destiny a consequence of mind and hands?
Or encrypted in your DNA?

Jaco, Byrd, Hendrix and Joplin
The sky, their boundary
The mind is such a strange place to be
Was it because they got too close to uncovering the truth?

Every note was worth its weight in gold
Forever seeking the missing pieces of the conundrum
The truth is surely stranger than fiction
Alternate reality

Jazz musicians challenge the status quo
Their trumpet for freedom
Accused of interrupting conversations and perceptions



Afterlife will we ever know?
For those who go, forget when they return
Or return they may never, forever
If their obligations are over

If she returns
She’ll onboard the train
From where she left off

It’s after all old wine
In a new bottle
Good ferments into bad
Then ages into good

When all is well, know that an obstacle lies ahead
And when in sorrow remember always comes tomorrow
Discover the Island of joy in the sea of misery
Heavier and heavier, the bag of bones and bundle of thoughts


Be like the postman, neutral to the news he distributes
The destiny of many hidden in his bag
Joy delivered to one
To another, inexplicable grief

Persecuted and prosecuted by the hands of time
Don’t you realize you’re being strangled by your own hands?
How do you untie and untangle yourself
from obligations and actions?
Just when you’re learning to live
its time to say goodbye again



The mirror of life neither creates nor does it destroy
The seekers inner quest, it simply reflects
What’s inside is outside

The fears you harbor, return as vampires
The battles you pursue were created by you
Conquer the inner and win the exterior

Wisdom of ages squeezed into proverbs
Birds of a feather fly together
Radiations ripple through cosmic avenue
Be happy and gather the happy around you
The peace you transmit rushes back to you

Anger attracts the angry
Sorrow entices the sorry
The mirror reacts, resounds and reflects
The feelings you shelter
Release the refugees of
Anger, Hatred, jealousy, lust and greed

Mirror Mirror; Cosmic Mirror
What do you see, when you look at me?
The field of feelings, congregating
Like characters hang out together

Mirror Mirror; Cosmic Mirror
Are my fears, my vampires?
Are my own feelings, ricocheting?
what’s inside’s outside



What was the last thought that invaded your falling head
When they declared your mind and body dead?

Did you remember the key to the door of after-life?
Or were you thinking of all you’re sentimental
Trials and tribulations, triumphs and trophies?
Did the flashes of un-satiated desires linger on till the end?

Hangs the dawn
On the thread of the night
From the ashes of aspiration born again,
Born again, all over again

Through another mother’s womb
The opportunity to decorate your soul
with a new dress of life
Now after a lifetime, on the pillow of death,
have you conquered life?
Or have you been conquered once again?
Do the demons and angels of reincarnation
anxiously await your arrival?

Do habits orchestrate
The grand finale?
On the pillow of death
Did you forget the password to paradise?

On the final thought
Hangs your destiny
But what if you don’t believe
In the creed of wheel of birth and after-life?



Soon you’ll be free
Wait on my side
I won’t even come back
Not till I am
But I am all ready
Seems like you don’t know

I welcome the wounded to my room
I can write, I can sing,
But I can’t follow you
Well! I’m sane
But not trained to see within your range
Truly, I feel the sun’s coming down on me

Now I can’t hide
Not without my dream
To screen my mind and scan yours
Open your mind

I welcome the wounded to my room
I can write, I can sing,
But I can’t follow you
Well! I’m sane
But not trained to see within your range
Truly, I feel the sun’s coming down on me



Walking across the cobbled stones,
Green and gold splayed all around
A dream came true
right in from of me

When I touched,
and when I saw
All that gold so brown, so dry
Falling like pieces of nightmare

There I saw a girl so dark
Sensuous woman beautiful
A depth beyond, a strength so vast
Like endless waves upon a shore

Girl in Rags, you’re not alone

Answers scattered all around
Like shells upon a sandy shore
A world to win
Break those chains and fly

We’ll change the colors brown to green
Red flowing through all the streams
Clouds depart
The black bird sings

Fight you must for salvation
Stop their fun, their restriction
We will win, we will fly
Open out your mind

Girl in rags you’re not alone



Watching the world through the bars of my window
All I can see is traffic, cars, pollution
Those trees around me their beauty is sadness
Branches they seem reaching to be free

Yet they’re so cold, impassive, unmoved
Thinking of only their ease
And then, cool breeze around them
Dew drops on leaflets
Forgotten like starfish, washed to the seashore
Thrown to the cold wind by waves

Yet all must go on, misguided disorder
Feelings blown like dry leaves in the wind
They talk of their love, their passions, emotions
Yet all is paper, dust, disillusion

Can’t they just see them, their minds in disorder
Crying for feeling, for love
Savage perversion controlling hunger, starvation
Masses are rising
Young blood is fuming
To blow them to heaven, sky high



Americans turn around
Recognize Liberty was never easy
Bloody our history
The penalty for the price of Equality

Obama thanks for coming

The lamp of Equality he lit
in the darkness of segregated society
The seed of unity he watered with
the blood of the army
and the 16th Presidency

Abraham Lincoln,
The father who freed the slaves
Although physically liberated
Psychologically wounded brutally

Through the heat and dust of inustice
and oppression
He dared to dream
Brotherhood, nonviolence, unity, justice and
peace for all
The panacea for the disease of segregation

The blood of Martin Luther King
washed and purified the nation
Freedom at last, free at last
Thank God Almighty we are free at last

Finally from the lineage and heritage
Of the great black and white race
Broken are the heavy chains of segregation
From the minds of the new generation

Obama, thanks for coming

Americans the time has come to bury
The coffin of slavery
Engraved on it’s epitaph
Died in the 21st Century

Exterminated finally
by the 44th Presidency
Consecreted in the 16th Century
With the Declaration of Independence

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation
A Century later
Eternal nonviolent dream
Of the One and Only Martin Luther King

Audacity of hope
In the face of war and adversity
Broken are the heavy chains of segregation
From the minds of the new generation

Freedom at last, free at last
Thank God Almighty we are free at last